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AmerEpoxy offers a variety of epoxy colors and textures to choose from. Our floor coatings are industrial strength, chemical resistant, and easy to clean. We install most Orlando area epoxy garage floors in one day!

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Industrial Grade Epoxy Floors

Our floor coatings are easy to maintain, very affordable, great looking, and virtually indestructible. In addition, they are available for both residential and commercial application.  All our products greatly exceed any retail do it yourself floor coating system for minimal added costs.

One Day Installation

We install most Orlando area epoxy garage floors in one day.  Our highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable installers, combined with our professionally outfitted service vehicles equipped with the best equipment, allows for us to complete in one day what most of our competitors would work on for 2 or 3 days.

Little to No Maintenance

Our floors are a non-porous sealed surface and virtually maintenance free.  There’s no need to pressure wash the floors any more than you would pressure wash your tile floors or kitchen countertop.  The dirt never gets in the floor it just sits on top of the floor.  Broom clean or blow out your garage as needed and periodically just hose it off.  If needed you might lightly mop any stubborn dirt with a household floor cleaning solution of your choice.

No Peeling or Flaking

Because of our 5 step installation process and a product line which is second to none, it is an absolute impossibility for our floors to separate from the concrete substrate.  Our epoxy products bond to the concrete better and stronger than the concrete bonds to itself.

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We Offer a Variety of Epoxy Colors & Textures

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What are Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy is one of the most durable and resilient floor coatings that can be applied to a concrete floor today. Epoxy is not paint. Unlike paint that dries and offers no significant protection, epoxy actually cures and offers maximum protection.

Epoxy is a 2 part mixture of resin and hardener that when combined chemically react and cure. Fresh epoxy may be dry to the touch in as little as 4 hours but the curing process takes 72 – 96 hours to reach its maximum strength and durability.

Epoxy also offers superior strength and durability in both residential and commercial applications. Besides being beautiful, a professionally installed epoxy floor is incredibly tough and highly resistant to damage, automotive fluids, staining, and surface abrasion.

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Trusted By Customers in Orlando

Peter Dominici

Amer Epoxy did a fantastic job on our garage floor! Mike and his crew were responsive, professional and a pleasure to work with throughout the process. Their attention to detail and Mike's patient explanation of the product and process were greatly appreciated, and we couldn't be happier with the end result. It's our third home with epoxy flooring, but this is superior to anything we had done before. Would highly recommend them.

Elizabeth Kennedy

Mike and his team did an awesome job on the epoxy installation! It is seamless!! They took great attention to detail and took important details into consideration when we had a sudden temperature drop outside. They also took care of our home by laying down mats to cover the driveway and kept the area clean. The team is kind and professional and take pride in their work. We will highly recommend them to our friends and family.

Michelle Meyer

My garage floor turned out GREAT! Mike is a personal owner who cares about the work that he does. He was always there when I had a question, and he followed up in person to go over the work!Trust is so important to us when hiring a contractor. Mike and his team are trust worthy and reliable, which put our minds at easy during this process and allowed us to enjoy the process. Thank you Mike and team!!!

Guy Murtonen

I cannot say how satisfied I am with Mike, his crew and Amer Epoxy for the recent job they did on my garage floor. From the estimate to the installation to the final clean up everyone was professional and down right nice. The quality of  the workmanship is second to none! I highly recommend Amer Epoxy to any one looking to turn their garage into a new more useful space!

Marisol B.

Yurlian and Freddy were the techs that came to my home.  They were super nice, professional and polite.  Our epoxy garage floor looks great!!!  I am in love with it.  Mike spoke to my husband in depth and answered all of our questions with patience.  Amer Epoxy Orlando you have a life customer.  I will definitely be referring your company.

Carmine Trovato

We used Amer Epoxy to redo our garage floor. They did a BEAUTIFUL job on the finished product! The owner, Mike made sure everything was completed fast, and on time. His crew was professional and had attention to detail durring the job. Highly recommended!!


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