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Epoxy Flake Floor Colors

Epoxy Flake Floor color selection is something we’re very proud of.  AmerEpoxy® offers an extensive selection of Epoxy Flake colors. Our epoxy flake floor systems are second to none in quality and aesthetics and yet remain competitively priced.  They are easy to maintain, and installed to last for many years to come.  Our epoxy floors are available for both residential and commercial application, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Take a moment and look through our selection and we’re confident you’re going to discover a color palette that compliments your décor perfectly. 

Flake floor systems are the perfect compliment to your home in areas such as:

Pool Deck
Game Room
Air BnB Rental

benefits Of Epoxy Flake Floors


Epoxy Flake floors provide a level of protection, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance superior to most every other floor covering.


We stock 12 different colors at any given time.  We can special order up to 150 individual solid colors or have them blended to an infinite number of colors combinations.


Epoxy Flake Floors are very cost effective. A quality floor built to last will cost about $5.50 per square foot.

Slip Resistant

A properly finished Epoxy Flake Floor will have an orange peel texture that will offer a surprising amount of traction when wet.

Ease Of Maintenance

These floors are very easy to maintain. Broom clean or use a leaf blower as needed and hose or mop as needed.


For normal residential use you’ll probably never wear out your floor.  But just like any other color on the wall or floor you may grow tired of it and want a change in 10 years or so.  Because all the foundational work has been done during the initial installation, we can freshen up the floor for about 50% of the going rate or change the color all together for about 75% of the going rate.

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AmerEpoxy Solid Epoxy Colors

Whatever your business application, if you’re looking for that “airplane hanger” epoxy floor look, our solid color epoxy floors are sealed with a water based urethane topcoat which provides a super durable floor finish with no odor.  It is a Coating Solutions and provides superior resistance against abrasion, chemicals, corrosion, UV exposure, and weathering.

For heavy duty commercial applications and nonstop forklift traffic, we install an epoxy base, an appropriate aggregate, an epoxy grout coat, and then we seal it with urethane.  Urethane protects well against all types of commercial abuse as well as chemical spills.  It’s even a cost effective option for use in a residential workshop or garage.

Another benefit is that urethane is easy to maintain.  There’s no need to pressure wash and no need for waxing or expensive maintenance products. Just use your floor cleaning machine or for small areas get a bucket of soapy water and a mop and wash it down periodically.  Above all this floor can take an excessive amount of abuse and is an excellent choice for an affordable industrial grade floor in many areas.

Urethane is frequently used in hospitals, office buildings, warehouses, distribution centers, stores, and restaurants.  If you’re thinking about the old days, I know urethanes smelled really bad.  The urethane we use is Tru-Alpha Urethane Water Base    It is a no VOC urethane that can be walked on in as little as 12 hours, will accept light traffic in 24 hours, and fully cures in 48 hours.  As a result of these outstanding characteristics our epoxy and urethane combination is a perfect fit for many business applications.

We offer a variety of epoxy colors and textures to choose from. More colors available upon request.

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Industrial Strength, Chemical Resistant, Easy to Clean and Fast Installs!