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Why Choose an AmerEpoxy Flake Floor

If you’re wondering what makes AmerEpoxy the best garage epoxy flake floor service in Orlando, allow us to explain what separates an AmerEpoxy Flake Floor from our competitors epoxy flake floor.

First of all we diamond grind the floor as per every commercial grade epoxy manufacturers specifications and prep the concrete to AmerEpoxys highest standards. Our competitors only pressure wash or acid wash, either of which is very amateurish and not to any commercial grade epoxy manufactures specifications.

Next at AmerEpoxy we apply a pigmented base coat of epoxy and then apply our flakes at 100 percent coverage. We flake until the floor can’t hold anymore flakes. This is called “flaking to rejection”. Many competitors only apply a pigmented basecoat and throw down a measly 5 – 10% flake coverage leaving your floor finish inconsistent, unprotected, and unsafe. At that point they’re done and they leave. But we’re not done. At AmerEpoxy we also apply a Polyaspartic sealcoat sometimes called a topcoat or finish coat. This makes our AmerEpoxy Flake Floor twice as thick, far better looking, and countless times more durable than our competitors.

Don’t call an amateur. Call the professionals at AmerEpoxy. We install epoxy garage flake floors better than anybody else in Orlando.

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How Is Epoxy Used In Your Home

In a residential setting epoxy is most often used to beautify and protect a garage floor, patio, mancave, kitchens, family rooms, and basements. By far the most common residential applications of epoxy flooring is to epoxy your garage. There are several different styles of epoxy for your garage including solid colors epoxy, metallic epoxy, marbled epoxy, and by far the most common residential epoxy installation is the epoxy flake floor.

Professional epoxy installers can tailor the epoxy application for all kinds of uses. Epoxy floors can be smooth and customized to fit any design style or we can add anti-slip components for a slip resistant application.

AmerEpoxy has an extensive selection of epoxy floor coverings systems to suit your wants, your needs, and your budget. Select from our very popular, very affordable, and highly durable epoxy flake floor and solid colors systems. For those of you that may prefer a more lavish look we offer our metallics and custom marbled epoxies.

  • STEP 1

    Diamond Grind The Concrete

    First we diamond grind the concrete surface with our Husqvarna HTC T-5 Concrete Grinding Machine. Grinding the floor is essential for the epoxy to properly adhere to the concrete substrate.  If anybody tries to tell you that pressure washing, sanding, or acid etching is “good enough” that simply means they do not have the proper equipment to do the job correctly.

  • STEP 2

    Fill & Repair All Cracks and Joints

    AmerEpoxy is a very detail oriented company.  We fill all the chips and divots and repair all the cracks.  Once we’ve done that we fill all the contraction joints because they serve no purpose at this point.  All they do is collect dirt and look ugly.   Once completed we have a brand new canvas for your AmerEpoxy work of art to begin.

  • STEP 3

    Apply Base Coat With MVB

    Next a pigmented base coat of epoxy is applied.  The epoxy we use is a 100% solids commercial grade 2 part epoxy with a built in Moisture Vapor Barrier (MVB).  This is NOT the junk from a big box store or enamel paint from a paint store, this is a very high quality product that is never going to separate from the concrete substrate.

  • STEP 4

    Flake To Rejection

    We broadcast our flakes at a 100% coverage rate. Meaning we flake to rejection or till the floor can’t hold anymore flakes.  Most of our competitors apply a very lite amount of flakes leaving the floor exposed to the sun and subject to turning yellow.

  • STEP 5

    Seal With Polyaspartic

    Finally we seal the floor with Polyaspartic.  Polyaspartic is exceptionally strong, it’s very difficult to scuff or scrape, and it does not turn yellow in the sun. Polyaspartic is fully resistant to oil and grease and countless other household chemicals provided they are not left for an extended period of time.  In addition, the Polyaspartic we use does not contain any plasticizers. Plasticizers are cheap fillers found in most all Polyaspartics.  At AmerEpoxy we only use the highest quality products.

Our Five-Step Process

AmerEpoxy will install your floor coating with the following indicated processes:

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