Floor Removal and Floor Grinding

dust free floor removal services for homeowners and businesses

Commercial and Residential Floor Removal and Grinding

We provide professional, fast, reliable, and dust free floor removal services for homeowners and businesses from 100 to 10,000 square feet. With our industrial grade floor removal equipment, we’ll remove your old flooring and prepare the concrete for your new floor.

Floor Removal and Floor Grinding Services

Types of Floors We Remove

Tile (Ceramic or Porcelain)
Stone, Granite, Slate
Sandstone, Limestone
Glass Mosaics
Laminate, Vinyl, Vinyl Plank
Glued On Carpet

Coating Removal

Urethane Cement
Glue Removal

Floor Preparation Services

Remove Any Existing Flooring
Remove Failed Epoxy Coatings
Remove Poorly Installed Epoxy
Remove Carpet Glue
Remove Laminate Glue
Remove Thin Set
Remove Moisture Barriers

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Dust Free Removal?

We have massive dust collection systems. We’re not using big box store shop vacuums like most of our competitors. Our vacuum systems are true containment systems with multiple Hepa Filters. Our larger vacuums are even 220V or propane powered. Again, these are not $99 shop vacs.

How Much Will It Cost?

Cost depends entirely on what type of flooring we’re removing and the amount of square footage of the job.  Call us today for an estimate.

What Happens With all the Old Flooring

If this is a residential job we will put all the debris in a Bagster and Waste Management will haul it away.  If this is a larger commercial job you will need to provide dumpsters for all flooring debris.

How Long Will It Take to Remove My Floor?

We can remove about 1000 square feet of residential tile in one work day.  Commercial jobs progress significantly faster because we come in with our large and very powerful floor strippers and floor grinders.

Do You Need to Remove The Moldings?

Quarter round moldings, shoe moldings, and rubber cove moldings always get removed. Baseboard moldings will have to be evaluated.  If your cabinets are on top of your flooring, we have specialty cutting tools that will cut the flooring at the cabinet base if necessary.

Do My Cabinets Need to Be Removed?

No not if you weren’t planning on removing the cabinets to replace them. We have specialty cutting tools that cut or remove the flooring right up to the bottom of the cabinets.

Speak to A Professional about Your Epoxy Floor

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