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My home is brand new. Do you still need to diamond grind the concrete before applying epoxy?

Yes we do. To learn more about our installation process and why diamond grinding is the professional way to install an epoxy floor, please read our article: What Is The Proper Way To Install An Epoxy Flake Floor

Do you do commercial epoxy installation?

Yes we do. Please visit our Commercial section of this website

How long will you be here to install my garage flake floor?

Our Epoxy Floor Installers here at AmerEpoxy are highly skilled, detail oriented, professionals. We only install quality epoxy floors that will last you for many years to come. At AmerEpoxy we don’t cut corners and we don’t take shortcuts. Installation of our garage epoxy flake floors in Orlando take one day for your standard 2 car garage. Bigger garages or garage floors needing more concrete preparation will require a follow up trip of a couple hours the following day to complete our installation process.

Do I have to worry about hot tire pickup with my new epoxy floor?

The simple answer is no. Because of our installation procedures and the professional grade products we use you’ll never have to worry about your epoxy floor separating from the concrete substrate. Please read our article What Causes Hot Tire Pickup

My floor is cracked. Can you apply epoxy to my cracked floor?

Yes we can. We have epoxy fillers that will fill any chips, divots, cracks or craters and when we’re done you’ll never know they were there.

Can you explain your garage epoxy flake floor installation process to me?

AmerEpoxy will install your floor coating with the following processes:
1. Diamond grind the concrete surface
2. Clean and fill all visible chips, divots, cracks, expansion and contraction joints
3. Apply a pigmented base coat to your floor
4. Add decorative color flakes in your chosen color
5. Seal it all with a clear UV stable Polyaspartic topcoat.
To find out more – What Is The Proper Way To Install An Epoxy Flake Floor

How long will my epoxy floor last?

A properly installed residential epoxy floor can last decades. An improperly installed epoxy floor or the do it yourself epoxy floor kits from the big box stores may last months or a couple years if you’re lucky. It’s worth the extra money to have a Professional install your garage epoxy flake floor. To learn more about the reasons why read our article: What is the Proper Way to Install an Epoxy Floor

What are those lines in my garage floor? Will you fill them in or will I still see them when you’re done?

Those are called Contraction Joints, or Expansion Joints and we will fill them in. The purpose of a Contraction Joints is to “control” where the fresh concrete cracks by encouraging the concrete to crack at the weakest (or thinnest) point. To learn more please refer to our article – Types Of Joints Found In A Residential Garage Floor.

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