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Commercial Epoxy Contractors for Every Industry

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Professionally installing industrial grade and commercial floor epoxy flooring for every type of business from Automotive to Warehousing. We offer epoxy solutions for all your wants and needs.

Delivering exceptional durability from epoxy, polyaspartic, and urethane to virtually indestructible urethane cement overlays for heavy duty industrial applications.  Installation of our very attractive floors is sure to WOW your clientele.  Whatever you want to accomplish, be it durability, slip resistance, high traffic protection, food preparation, sanitary flooring, achieving stringent cleaning protocols, etc.  Whatever your needs AmerEpoxy has a solution for all your commercial epoxy flooring installations in Orlando and the surrounding areas.

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Commercial Epoxy Contractors For Every Industry

Automotive Epoxy Flooring

At AmerEpoxy we offer all kinds of automotive industry type flooring. For automotive service centers and oil change facilities we offer a multi layered epoxy with anti slip aggregate broadcast into it. We sandwich that aggregate between epoxy layers and seal coat it with urethane.

For automotive showrooms and high end luxury automotive service centers we offer a multi layered epoxy floor sealed with two layers of urethane. This is a very attractive and extremely durable resinous flooring system that is perfectly suitable to continue into the adjoining hallways, offices, and customer service areas.

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Assembly and Showroom Epoxy Flooring

Maybe you just want to get rid of that ugly or worn out, stained or painted concrete floor and make your warehouse space more presentable, we can help.

We have affordable solutions with beautiful finishes to help you improve your work area or showroom space. This is also the perfect epoxy flooring for a clean room.

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Commercial and Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Urethane Cement Overlays are a perfect repair to your concrete floor that is worn, pitted, or gouged from heavy industrial use.

If you need to make your floor more durable to handle heavy forklift traffic, heavy equipment repair, or truck service centers. AmerEpoxy installs extremely durable urethane cement floors.

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Food Service and Food Preparation Epoxy Flooring

There are so many concerns with food service and food preparation areas. You can’t have a pitted or cracked floor because that holds and breeds bacteria. Yet the cleaning chemicals you use daily eat away at unprotected concrete floors causing pitting and cracking. It’s a vicious cycle. In addition the extreme temperature changes from washing your unprotected room temperature concrete floors with scalding hot water will eventually lead to cracking and deterioration of the concrete.

AmerEpoxy floors hold up to the most concentrated and potent sanitation procedures.

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Anti-Slip and Non-Slip Epoxy Flooring

The wrong type of flooring can lead to slip and fall accidents for your hard working employees or your valued customers. Don’t endanger the people that make your business successful.

We have an extensive line of mild anti-slip to highly aggressive non-slip flooring for every application. Slip and fall accidents are preventable. Contact us before you have a slip and fall accident.

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Healthcare Epoxy Flooring

Choosing the proper flooring for a healthcare facility can be overwhelming. It’s imperative to take into account the usage of space in each individual room prior to making your flooring selections. You’ll want to consider functionality, durability, germ and bacteria control, maintenance, aesthetics, and of course the cost.

Epoxy floors are seamless and non-porous which is essential in the prevention of health hazards like chemicals, dirt, and bodily fluids which can become trapped in other types of flooring. In addition seamless and non-porous epoxy floors are easy to clean and keep sanitary.

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Retail Epoxy Flooring

For whatever type of business you may be in we have an epoxy flooring solution for you. From nail salons and day spas to ice cream parlors and jewelry stores. From barber shops and coffee houses to:

Animal Care
Art Galleries
Banquet Halls
Candy Stores
Cell Phone Store
Clothing Boutiques
Dive Shops
Electronics Sales and Repairs
Fitness Center
Golf Pro Supplies
Hobby Shops
Home Furnishings
Insurance Agencies
Photography Studios
Print Shops
Real Estate Agencies
Smoke Shops
Tanning Salons
Vehicle Rental Agencies
Vision Centers

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