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We are professional, knowledgeable and well trained Epoxy Installation Technicians NOT painters dabbling in epoxy floors. In addition, we are NOT the neighborhood handyman that’s in way over his head. In fact we are Certified Epoxy Installation Professionals. Our attention to detail is second to none and to say our installation process is meticulous is an understatement. All work surfaces are prepared with the latest state of the art equipment as well as protected with a durable product line.

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Residential Applications

Professionally installed epoxy floors will add beauty and value to your home while preserving and protecting your concrete floors. Uncoated concrete is dirty and dusty while epoxy floors are clean and easy to maintain. Epoxy floors are non-porous so dirt sits on the floor and never gets in the floor. Dust, dirt, mud, and even oil and gas wipe up easily because they don’t penetrate epoxy like they will penetrate unsealed concrete. Contact us today so we can install an epoxy floor and transform your dusty and unfinished garage, patio, and storage space into beautiful and functional living space.

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Commercial Applications

In a commercial application epoxy flooring is being used for its resistance to heavy traffic, sanitary qualities, ease of cleanup, and where slip resistance is required. If the existing floor of your business needs a new look or you’re opening a new location, call AmerEpoxy today and let us install the perfect floor for your business. Check our gallery for some of our Orlando epoxy floors.

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